Sunday, September 5, 2010

Justice League

Every field you work there are laws which govern, and it is mandatory to follow it.  There are many state laws and federal laws which have their specific laws. These are laws which specify all employment procedures in detail. From the very beginning of issuing vacancies to selections, conducting interviews. These norms need to be followed in minute detail.


Information like


Workplace rules




Labor laws








Anti-discriminatory Laws


These are just a few laws which help maintain an employer-employee relationship and especially protecting all employees from all kinds of discrimination and unlawful dismissal. Bullying and harassment cases are prevalent in many companies. Anybody who faces such problems can reach out to lawyers. There are various rights and obligations which are covered by these laws. The law protects both employer and employee. These can be very complicated and complex. All are sealed by the contract which the employee signs before joining the company. This contract does dictate the laws and obligations in very clear and precise manner. The employee should always read this document very thoroughly to be able to know and understand the legalities of the employment.


These are the following rights which are the basic rights found in the workplace. Privacy many states have laws which allow employees to carry their own bags and have their own private conversations etc. Fair compensation Similarly compensation should be fair to all. There should be no gender or caste bias in deciding the compensation. No discrimination (age, gender, race, religion, community) There should be no discrimination right from the hiring process until the end of employment terms.


There are also specific rules for leave of absence, overtime fairs and conditions. Individuals with disabilities have special laws which to needs to be followed. Family and Medical leaves too are specified. These rights are made to balance both the employer-employee expectations. If these expectations are not met legal issues arise. There are specific laws for both the parties to adhere to safeguard against any misuse of rights and obligations. Similarly, employees too have a responsibility towards the employer. Some of them are as follows- Being ethically responsible for their actions is very important. No one should follow any illegal or unfair practices which can harm the employer or company.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ensure self-safety and health. They should follow all the safety measures and wear proper gears required for the job as is required. Following the employer's instructions and ask for assistance whenever required. Both the employer and employee should work towards building a good rapport and ensure cordial workplace environment. There should be transparency in all dealings.


Taking care of the company’s norms and work towards the company’s benefit should be the aim of every employee. The employees too cannot misuse their rights, and work according to the rules and regulations of the company. Even after all this, there can always arise some issues both by the employer and the employee. Many a times employees do not understand these laws and can be a victim of harassment discrimination etc. Many even do not suspect that they are being discriminated and harassed. They are completely oblivious to such happenings.


But these do happen. This then becomes the duty of the warriors for justice the attorneys who fight for the rights of these employees. All offices and companies have very experienced lawyers who are responsible to handle all claims put forth by the employee of the company. The contract too which employee signs can be used according to the employer's advantage. Thus, the lawyers and attorneys whom an employee hires need to be very good with the employment rules and laws which are written in the article. 


There are various ways to gather evidence to prove this is happening. The fort worth labor and employment lawyers are masters in handling such cases. There are documents which can be used as evidence. These are not easy, but a good attorney can handle this issue with your support. So, the first thing which becomes important is that one should realize that there is a discrimination happening. Then the other procedures can be handled with the help of a good employment lawyer.